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Anthony Rees Metal Motifs

Celtic inspired designs in laser cut powder coated steel







These Metal Motifs are designed by Anthony Rees, who has been producing Celtic inspired artwork in various media since 1990. His recent work also exhibits the influence of Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

"Celtic Rose" in Copper Vein



Metal Motifs are laser cut cold roll steel with powder coating to produce a small variety of pleasing finishes. This first offering is fifty of each of two designs: Celtic Rose (19") and Ivy (16") in diameter. There are two finishes for both designs: Textured Black and Copper Vein.


"Celtic Rose" detail in Textured Black



Metal Motifs can be hung indoors or outdoors, in a window, against a wall, or in relief from a wall to cast a shadow. To hang they can be placed directly on a nail on the wall, screwed to a door, spaced from a wall with mouse ears or corks, hung by a hook from a chain outdoors, or cross wired to two or four corners in a window or other windy spot.


"Celtic Rose"
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"Ivy" in Textured Black



Anthony Rees was born, raised and educated in Wales. He arrived on the Mendocino coast in Point Arena, California in 1976. He has indulged in many different styles of art including watercolor and black and white landscapes of the Mendocino coast, caricature, cartoon, illustration, and Celtic Cutouts in foamcore with colored glass.

To contact Anthony Rees: E-mail

or Phone 707-882-2966

"Ivy" detail in Copper Vein


"Ivy" in Copper Vein


"Celtic Rose" in Textured Black


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